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What are boosts and what do they do?

SR_Terry -

There are 3 different types of boost currently available in Rival Gears.

  1. Cash Boost - Gives you a 5% bonus on all race winnings
  2. Performance Boost - Gives your car a boost in overall performance
  3. Start Line Boost - Gives you access to use your cars booster from the start-line of the race.

Be aware that boosts are automatically used in the next race you take part in once a boost is active.

Boosts can be acquired from a few different places and in a few different ways. They can be purchased for premium currency before any player vs player race or from the shop screen in the "Boosts" tab, bought for Pro-team members by Team Leaders using Pro-Team cash and are also given away as prizes for competing in Events and for winning rival races in the City.


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